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Friday, 20 February 2015


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SmartLearn JAMB 2014 has been released for your Computer.

We are so delighted to announce that the 2014 version of SmartLearn JAMB Computer Based Testing (CBT) Practice Software has finally been released. You won't believe your eyes when you get a hold of it.
SmartLearn JAMB 2013 has been a success and we are proud of that, nevertheless, it is only natural that we improve on the existing product to make it better, easier, more exciting and educative for our users.
SmartLearn JAMB 2014 gets you closer than you can imagine. Studying just got more interesting. We have added lots of new features to improve your learning curve. Some of the new features being added are:
  • More Questions: We have added more questions to the App, taking it to over 25,000. Never would you get bored.
  • New Exam Modes: Two new Exam Modes have been added to improve the learning experience. The two new modes are - Study Mode and Special Mode.
  • Student Community: In each question, you now have the ability to drop a comment and also read comments from other students and professionals. You can ask questions about a question and get responses from other students and educational professionals.
  • Games: Who says you can't learn while playing?. After taking some exams, you can relax for a while and play a game which utilizes the same type of questions from the exam. This makes learning more exciting. Our developers came up with something that resembles your favourite game - Mario. But seriously? who doesn't like Mario? Do not stick with the old boring SmartLearn JAMB 2013. Spice your learning curve up with a game.
  • New Look and Feel: SmartLearn JAMB 2014 comes with a new look and feel. The interface has been improved to make the learning process enjoyable. Nevertheless, the themes from SmartLearn JAMB 2013 has also been integrated with this release for those who still like the old man.
  • Reporting: Reporting has taken a new dimension; you can now generate your reports for printing.
  • New Embedded Tools: In Question tools, Administrative Profile Management, Keyboard shortcuts, Activation code direct purchasing links, Improved documentation, Improved question views, Strict Mode feature and many more...Need we say more?
You are the only one left out!. Join the count of over 53,119 Downloads + Activations. So why still being left out?

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[NEW!!!] You can now Pay Online for your Activation Codes.
There are several acceptable modes of payments. We would recommend that before using any payment mode you seem fit, you should first make the order for the product online, via your Ratelsoft Accounts Dashboard. There are so many advantages that comes with making your order first online, especially if you intend paying in a Bank or using Bank Transfer or ATM transfer. Other payment modes are instant, you receive your activation codes immediately you pay with them. Click here to see all payment modes and to learn how to pay online as well as the advantages when you first make the order online which also includes faster response with your Activation codes. You can create an account for FREE. That account would still be used when registering for the product (if you do not already have one). You just need a single Ratelsoft account to access all of our products and services.
USERS NOTE: Please make sure to first install your computer's ethernet network driver from your computer manufacturer's website (If you do not have it installed) before activating. Failure to do so MAY result in you not being able to reactivate your application if you reformat your system. The sure thing is to upgrade your OS.

Download SmartLearn JAMB 2013 (PC)

Bootstrap Installer EXE
Version 1.1.1 - 45.1MB

Download SmartLearn JAMB (Android)

Android Package File (.apk)
Version 1.0.4 - 1.22MB

SmartLearn JAMB 2014 Mirrors

For faster downloads, you can make use of the download mirrors below:

SmartLearn JAMB 2013 Mirrors

For faster downloads, you can make use of the download mirrors below:

SmartLearn JAMB Mobile 2014

We are happy to announce that the Android version of SmartLearn JAMB 2014 is ready, available and up for grasp.
You can now prepare for your JAMB and POST-UME exams "on the go". It is no longer a question of time, or electric power, you can prepare for your exam even while in a bus.
Success they say is when preparation meets with opportunity. Download the Android version and start preparing.

SmartLearn JAMB Mobile Mirrors

SmartLearn JAMB 2014 (PC Version)

SmartLearn JAMB CBT Practice Software (PC Version) is an e-learning tool that help those preparing for JAMB and POST-UME to prepare for the exam in a computer environment. Not only does is give you comfort at the luxury of your home, it has also got over 25,000 questions (and counting) with full explanations to teach you what you need to know to become a success. It has been well crafted with international standards to enhance your overall experience.
At Ratelsoft we ensure that our users get the most experience of a product with professionally crafted solutions and services to compete at any level.
SmartLearn JAMB CBT Practice Software was designed with the feel of the most popular application you can find on all windows systems - Microsoft word. This was purposely done to ensure that our users will instantly be familiar with the SmartLearn JAMB Application environment and will need little or no instructional manual to get started.
We have also made sure that the user is in control by providing several themes which you can change based on your look and feel on a particular day.
As JAMB ventures into CBT, it is highly expedient that preparations be done in same environment - the Computer environment. Preparing in a similar environment guarantees speed, confidence and the experience you need to gain the success you so deserve. SmartLearn JAMB CBT Practice Software simulates the overall JAMB experience and guarantees that success of yours. Besides, with not many people having access to solutions like this, you will find youself at the top when you prepare with this tool.

Marketing & Discounts

Become a Ratelsoft Accredited marketer and earn up to 50% discount on SmartLearn JAMB and SmartLearn JAMB Mobile
Would you like to market SmartLearn JAMB or any of our products?
If you have used several similar products of ours, you will realise that there is something special about ours. Take advantage today and make money for yourself.
For more info please call 08061595590, 08064377962 or 07032210222. You can also make enquiries by sending an email to

SmartLearn JAMB Android shots

Getting to know the new features

Several new features were added to the 2014 release while several others where upgraded. We have made a very short video to see at a glance what some of the new features are and what they do. Watch the video here.
SmartLearn JAMB 2014 also comes with a game to help you relax and learn at the same time. More games are under development and would be added. We have also made a short video game demonstration of how it works. Watch the video here.

Download SmartLearn JAMB

SmartLearn JAMB 2014 (Mobile and PC) is FREE to download and try out the demo version.
SmartLearn JAMB CBT Practice Software ver. 2014 is a licensed software application and its licensing is on a per-system/per-device basis and the license duration is for the lifespan of the system/device.

Upgrading to the 2014 version

If you have previously downloaded and Activated the 2013 version, you can upgrade to the 2014 version of SmartLearn JAMB for just ₦500 only.
You would need to download the SmartLearn JAMB 2014 version, install it on your system and then purchase the upgrade code. You do not need to uninstall the previous version but if you feel like, you can go ahead.
PLEASE NOTE that Before you can successfully upgrade, you need to have an already activated SmartLearn JAMB 2013 version on your system. You would not be able to use the upgrade code if the software fails to detect your previous activation.
We may not be able to refund you if you try to play smart by purchasing the upgrade code when you have not previously activated the 2013 version.

SmartLearn JAMB Activation

SmartLearn JAMB CBT Practice Software is a licensed software application and can be used by multiple users due to our profile management feature that manages the performances of individual users.
SmartLearn JAMB PC version license goes for ₦1000 only and includes all subjects in JAMB.
SmartLearn JAMB Mobile 2014 Android version license goes for ₦500 only.
You can choose to Pay Online or via the Bank. Paying online would enable you receive your Activation Code instantly via your phone number as well as your email address.
If you wish to pay via the bank, payments can currently be made to the following GTBank account:

Account Name: Ratelsoft Nigeria Limited
Account Number: 0126648772
After Payment please send a text message to either 08061595590, 08064377962 or 07032210222 bearing the name which you wrote down during the payment, the amount paid, the number of licenses required, the product name and version. e.g:
Richboy David, 1000, 2 licenses, SmartLearn JAMB Mobile (Android)
Richboy David, 4000, 4 licenses, SmartLearn JAMB 2013 (PC)
Richboy David, 3000, 3 licenses, SmartLearn JAMB 2014 (PC)

The Activation Code(s) will be sent to the same phone number within 5 minutes of payment confirmation.

The Activation Code(s) will be sent to the same phone number within 5 minutes of payment confirmation.
The above process has been relegated to the bottom of the attendance priority list. For a more reliable and faster response with your Activation codes and for receiving discounts on your payments, we recommend you first make the order online before using any means of payment you choose. Click here to Learn How To.

Need the Hard Copy?

You can order for the hard copy of SmartLearn JAMB CBT Practice Software (PC version). We have marketers in several states in the country. You can also become one today.
To place an order for the hard copy, please call 08061595590, 08064377962 or 07032210222

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