Dance Viral Video: Smith G (@Iam_SmithG) - Ninja Girl - Bboyshade's Str3t Empire


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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Dance Viral Video: Smith G (@Iam_SmithG) - Ninja Girl

Dance Viral Video: Smith G (@Iam_SmithG) - Ninja Girl

"The experienced minds can always specify the differences between standard and substandard".
We went deep into the streets of Niger Delta (a region naturally blesssed with raw and swift talents), and also discovered some great, amazing species of entertainment icons in the industry.
Along the line, we came acrossed a lad porpularly known as 'SMITH G'. Whom without hesitation proved himself of being unique of his kinds.
Check out the full visuals of  his highly anticipated 'VIRAL DANCE VIDEO' which comprises the best of stunt dancing elites.

on the clip below you'll figure out the presence of the complete previous MALTINA DANCEHALL WINNERS & PHCITY BEST DANCE ALLSTARS. e.g: Ebi Swag, Fragile Thrillerz, Xploits and many more.

Download and get fully thrilled.



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