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Monday, 9 March 2015


Stream Gucci Mane's New Album "Mr. Clean, The Middle Man"


Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Stream Gucci Mane's new 12-song project "Mr. Clean The Middle Man".

Even though he remains locked up behind bars, Gucci Mane continues to release music at an unmatchable pace these days. A couple weeks ago, Gucci Mane released an 8-track EP called Views From Zone 6, and then shortly followed that up with the release of Brick Factory 3.
Back at it today, Gucci has more music to share with us and he's doing so in the form of yet another new album called Mr. Clean, The Middle Man. Laced with 12 songs, the project features only two guest appearances from Dash & Wooh Da Kid on the track “Everybody Dies”, while Gucci handles the rest of the 11 tracks solo dolo.
Thanks to Revolt TV, fans can now stream Gucci’s new solo effort in its entirety below. (Artwork in the gallery above)
1. Mr. Clean The Middle Man (Intro)
2. Early Birdy
3. Straight Drop
4. In
5. Lay It Down
6. Gang Bangin’
7. Sleep With My Pistol
8. Everybody Dies (Feat. Dash & Wooh Da Kid)
9. Budget
10. Vampire
11. 1 Minute
12. Pocket Watcher (Skit)

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