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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Chicken Flavour Dance style Created by @GiftJackson

So it's absolutely amazing to see young people work very hard, I mean,  given the very harsh working conditions this country places you under. But on the flip side,  these conditions provide an opportunity to create and that's what we're experiencing everywhere.

Here's Mr Gift Jackson, a dancer who hails from PH. He has created a new Dance style he calls the "Chicken Flavour".
He has contributed in his own little way to the Dance Vocabulary of the world. Thereby joining the many Nigerians who have done the same with their street styles. From Galala to Ayamgba, Konto, Azonto,  Alingo, Shoki and so on. 

These styles have contributed to the rebranding of our country's image worldwide as millions around the world, in that dance moment,  want to be Nigerian.
One beautiful thing about Dance is that we have all the elements for creation around us. All we need to do is look closely, pay attention to the details and you would be amazed.

We celebrate you Mr Gift Jackson, for believing in yourself well enough to go this far. You are indeed an icon in the Nigerian dance industry.

We Pray you find the strength and courage to press on.
Congrats on the "Chicken Flavour" dance style.
He has been recognized by the malitna brand and just had do this little video for the world see and appreciate this young talent.
Watch and Download Video Below.

Oya,  let's all find a that we honestly don't feel like eating to learn from 😃.

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