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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Article: Leadership – Mercy Aiyenigba

I asked "them", who is a good leader?, they said they are the leaders, men / women of integrity, Confident, they are inspiration to others, full of empathy, good communicators etc

I searched among them, even they that claim to be the best amongst the people, the "leaders", I found none that worth the regalia of a leader or an adornment of respect.....

Instead of referring to them as one, we rather call them "glorified masters" who think only of themselves, masters full of pride with zero integrity, "tax masters"  who doesn't care about the welfare of the people  but their bellies and pockets.....

Who then can we give the crown to, who then can we call our own, who can we rely on, who can we trust, who understand our silence and get troubled by our troubles, who can we call a leader??

I would be an hypocrite if I brag about a man or woman because of what I've benefitted in person but by the testimony of the majority and with all I've seen, I'll speak of one man Babatunde Irukera who has written his name in the sands of time with his good works....

When you talk of an imperfect leader with the perfect qualities, you speak solely of Babatunde Irukera, one of the realist that believes so much in people, his humility will make you humble, his intelligence will give you the appetite to know more, his kind heart preaches love to your soul and you have no choice to keep yearning for a good and excellent leader like him....

Plus, with Babatunde there's no dull moment...

I've learnt simplicity from that name Babatunde Irukera, I've learnt the importance of people, I've learnt Giving, I've learnt leadership, everyone under the mentorship of Babatunde Irukera can stand anywhere in the World, coz Babatunde Irukera is an institution!!!

He's a brand to be associated with, the pride of Okun, Kogi and Nigeria

We deserve a servant as humble as Babatunde Irukera, we deserve a leader as dedicated, Honest and full of integrity as Babatunde Irukera, we deserve to be  better with Babatunde Irukera.

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