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Friday 16 August 2019


CHICKEN FLAVOUR  is an energetic dance form of been amazingly funky and groovy with your body positions.
The dance was created by GIFT JACKSON, an award winning professional and an internationally recognized dance art, who is also a certified choreographer/fitness coach, was maltina dance all fourth runner up season 9.

The dance style was created on the 7th of September 2016. It was officially unveiled and recognized in the maltina family dance all season 9,
The first of it's kind in Nigeria, precisely Port Harcourt, this dance style is also one of the easiest dance in the world, known for it's originality, Grove and energy .

CHICKEN FLAVOUR had is first dance workshop 15thDecember 2017 in Port Harcourt, after celebrating it's 1st year anniversary on the 28th October 2018 which was attended by over 100 people in attendance inclusive of top celebrities and entertainers in Port Harcourt.

Day 1: Dance Classes
Day 2: Dance Cypher/Showcase.

Benin: 17th and 18th August
Akwa Ibom: 24th and 25th August
Bayelsa: 30th and 31st August
Sokoto: 14th and 15th September
Jos: 17th and 18th September
Port Harcourt: 21st September

To introduce the chicken flavour dance style to every lover of dance, and make all performing arts to display their styles and culture and contribute positively to community whether locally or internationally.

To educate the young and old more about dance, and to create a positive atmosphere for them to develop a deeper appreciation for the chicken flavour dance style and dance in general.

To educate lovers of dance how to learn and enjoy the chicken flavour style with basic steps/moves and techniques, also to develop passion for it, as-well to value the art of Dance.

To educate and make people to understand and see dance beyond pleasure and fun but also a very important form of excersice, of which chicken flavour dance style in that case, helps to build stamina, balance and confident.

To sell and promote the chicken flavour  brand to the world of dance and to global acceptance, as-well my craft/talent as a dancer with vision and purpose.
Details of the workshop
Fitness training
Chicken Flavour Dance Tutorials
Dance competitions (gifts to be won)

Watch and Download Video Below.

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