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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

BEDmusic Africa Presents PEARL CITY (BEDstudios Version 3.0)

Ace J town Producer Elmore Unveils PEARL CITY Tagged  BEDstudios Version 3.0

BEDstudios version 3.0 is built in for ur comfort n the best of services...

Equipped with high vintage gadgets n one of the best in the world!

PS4 ready for clients to refresh

4g WiFi ready for clients...

Warm reception n best of services...

Their services:

-Live recordings and live rehearsals

-music production 

-music videos (source visuals)

- film productions (BEDstudios)

- live band (BerryTunesBand)

- documentary 

-event planning (UltraHQ events)

- gadget rentals 

- music production academy

- live sound installations

- graphics 


-dj services

- General consultancy

For more enquiries call 08169770645

Office Hours

Open from 8am to 6pm daily


223d Tudun wada Jos Plateau state.

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