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Monday, 27 September 2021

Bed Music Africa set to Launch an App that Pays Artists


AfriPlay is an app powered by BEDMusicAfrica to help artists, DJs, song writers, promoters n producers make their dream money! 

As a DJ you have done mixes and u did that all for free, the only thing your get is your logo on it and that’s all. U take your time to do a perfect mix but bro, you can’t afford a laptop of afford to fix it when is spoilt.

As an artist U pay producers to produce ur song at least 30k, you pay a mix engineer 50 to 100k for mix, u pay a graphic designer 5 to 10k, you still pay photographer at least 5k, you pay bloggers n promoters over 100 to 500k to promote, pay radios not less than 60 to 100k then people download your songs and you made nothing out of it, the only thing you get for free after dropping a good song are fans that won’t even ask you for an autograph. 

As a song writer u write songs for artists and you don’t get a dime from it, sometimes they don’t even appreciate or acknowledge you for giving them a hit…

As a music producer u produce a hit n sometimes don’t get paid, some just pay u chikini money, n that’s all, u keep doing this day in day out. Some of the producers don’t even have studios, some no laptop. U need to beg others to be able to lace a beat, yes your beats are mad but how much Dey your account? When you play a free beat they shout mad o Mad o then they collect the beat n sing on it n nothing comes out.

As a promoter, Hypeman, and blogger, you do those jobs for almost free, nothing comes out. Some don’t even give u data, you done turn begger of hotspot from your girlfriend. Are you not tired?

The AfriPlay music distribution app gives u the room to make money with ur craft. U don’t have to have money to make good music n make it blow anymore. All u need is AfriPlay. We give u a split sheet between everyone who is involved in the project. Everyone gets a specific percentage depending on ur agreement. Let’s make this music money circulate, stop being broke after releasing a good song. On AfriPlay u can also decide to drop songs/albums for free. 

Producers can also sell their beats on AfriPlay

NB: songs MUST be up to standard, from production level, mixing n art design. 

App gets unveiled on Friday 1st October 2021

For more info WhatsApp only 08156787148

Calls only on 07011421370

Or email: or and you can visit

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