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Wednesday, 7 September 2022

M Jack - Goziem ( Bless Me) mp3 download

I love singing emotional songs and my type of songs are mostly mixed with Igbo lyrics and I am a big fan of rap music and i do freestyle a lot

I wrote the song GOZIEM in 2021 because I felt intimidated by my peers and close relatives who never saw anything good in me and was badly treated so I sat down one Faithful day and the inspiration GOZIEM which means BLESS ME, our hustle.

Life on the other hand hasn't been fair to me and my family most especially when I lost my dad during the process of writing the song, so I had to move on because I so much believe in myself".

the single GOZIEM is dropping on the 7th September 2022 and we hope it gets the full recognition it deserves.


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